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Celebrating 40 Years

Forty years is a long time and it has been a precious time. A huge and beautiful bouquet of ideas has originated from Spalding Garden Club. These ideas have improved and beautified our local community and the greater Atlanta area in a myriad of ways.

The grand idea of 1983 to build and maintain a butterfly garden was inspired and has kept us proud and busy over the last thirty two years. Every year the garden is better and a true credit to the vision of our first members.

New ideas for improving the community have emerged and thanks to innovative fund raising we have been able to have a wide impact on the beautification of our little part of Georgia, and have contributed to the lives of many of its citizens.

I am particularly appreciative of the ideas the club has supported over the years, which have inspired our creativity. The support of the Southeastern Flower Show, the many design classes, the opportunity to express ourselves with arrangements at the general meetings, SGC flower shows, the tours and our Sip 'n Sees, have all fueled our personal bouquets with beautiful ideas.

Information and ideas from our own members and various speakers continues to educate and inspire us. Spalding Garden Club's desire to preserve, and our appreciation of, birds, butterflies, native plants, and historic gardens grows every year.

Over my last twenty years, just one half of the forty years we are celebrating, I have witnessed the depth of our club and its many faces. I have seen your commitment to our various community projects. I have enjoyed our process of increasing each other's knowledge and creativity and have luxuriated in your joy in, and your desire to protect God's beautiful world.

When I reflect on Spalding Garden Club, my answer to what we really ARE does not always have to include accomplishments. Rather, and more importantly, I define Spalding Garden Club by the friendships, and yes love, that I have found here.

It is my pleasure to serve as your president.

Janet Schaefer, President 2015-2017
Spalding Garden Club


Spalding Garden Club launches MOnarch Butterfly Initiative

Spalding Garden Club has joined the Dunwoody Nature Center in its efforts to create a Monarch Butterfly trail in the Dunwoody/Sandy Springs community. Members will be planting Milkweed in their gardens, the only source of food the Monarch caterpillars eat, in order to stem the decline of this beautiful pollinator in our gardens. Look for other plantings of Milkweed by Spalding Garden Club in the community and join in the effort in your own yards. Click on the icon below to learn more about this initiative.

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Spalding Garden Club celebrates pollinators! 

Spalding Garden Club joined the NGC initiative of encouraging pollinators in our garden as we walked along side our award-winning float that highlighted the importance of pollinators in our world. Members passed out informative fliers that taught the community what to plant in their gardens to support pollinators. See our "Projects" page for more photos and our flier.


Spalding Garden Club is a member of Fulton Federation of Garden Clubs, The Garden Club of Georgia, Inc., the Deep South Region, and National Garden Clubs, Inc.

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